Roughly 10 years of experience covering large parts of the spectrum in UX/UI, Product Design, and Product Management.
Partner. UX

2014 – 2019

As a small boutique firm and team we helped organisations create digital experiences & products. Read more to see a select number of cases.
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Globo Web
Product Design

2013 – 2014

Globo Web provided an all-in-one website solution for SMEs. I designed the website, product (a CMS), website templates, and more.


Helped one of the largest online printing companies in the Netherlands and Belgium optimize their Web tool for customers to design and order print online. Worked with marketing on CRO.
UX/UI Design

2009 – 2013

Helped a small software boutique with UI design. Collaborated with freelance developers on several different projects for the Erasmus University, local municipality and a real-estate company, amonst others.
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A Chrome extension that helped thousands of people improve on health & productivity by raising awareness through brief contextual tips.
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2020 – now

A content publication on the importance of Community in building software products for with users. Features companies like Linear, InVision & more.
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