A browser extension providing actionable health & productivity tips

Tabtics is a browser extension for desk workers that shows actionable health & productivity tips each time a new browser tab is opened.

It was featured in several outlets such as Lifehacker and got interest from Philips to further develop as part of Philips HealthWorks.

Most people sit throughout a majority of their day, making it harder to stay healthy, be productive, and find balance.

With more (remote) desk jobs and flexible hours of working, people sit throughout a majority of their day. The consequence is that it's harder to stay healthy, be productive, and find balance.

With a surge in health trackers, people got to gather more data. Players like Fitbit initially just plotted this data in dashboards but didn't offer the next step that actually makes this data the most useful to the end-consumer: actionable insights to use throughout your day.

Tabtics gives a contextual tip in each new tab opened based on sleep, steps, goals, time, and weather data.

Tabtics allowed a user to connect their FitBit health tracker and combined this with several other data sources to provide an actionable tip.

On average, people open up a new browser tab 40 times a day.

Why did we decide on the specific solution of a browser extension? Changing behavior is hard. We decided to look for a channel that a lot of potential users already used.

The browser and specifically the new tab seemed a perfect way. Desk workers use the Web quite often during the day with the surge of SaaS tools. It seemed that these people on open up a new tab 40 times a day on average. To change behavior, consistent and brief messages that stimlate simple actions, tend to work better. The new tab seemed a perfect candidate for this.

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